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Neatro's retrospectives, analysis, reports and exports make agility in your team easier.
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Retrospectives for everyone

Team Creation

Build your team, create the perfect space for them

Customize your teams' names and logos. Easily switch from a team's space to another so you can focus on the right context.

Retrospective list

Pick the retrospective that fits your needs

Whether you're a novice or an expert of retrospectives, you'll be able to choose an exercise from our templates, or build a brand new one from scratch. The most important thing is that you're in control.

Illustration of comments

Collect comments in app and never lose information

Keep everything that has been said in a retrospective, nothing will be lost! No need to spend hours after a meeting to write what has been said. Every participants can edit, move or delete their comments. Use a collaborative approach to improve your team.

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Generate reports instantly

Neatro Retrospective tile

Access every past retrospective

Automatically generated reports are accessible at all times from the dashboard. Share them easily with members of your organization.

Neatro retrospective report

Data and progression

Neatro labels and comment

Create labels for your team's challenges

Add labels to your team's comments to clearly identify important topics. These labels will allow you to feed the Data section.

Action Items

Make your teammates accountable

Based on votes and labels applied on every comments, you can easily create action items. These action items have an owner and a lifecycle that can be changed at anytime. We will always make sure you won't forget them when you start a new retrospective.

Action Items Completion

Use data to make better decisions

Keep an oversight of what has been done and where your team should focus their effort. This is the power of the Data section!