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Make your retrospectives more effective and enjoyable with Neatro.
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Retrospective templates
No more hours spent searching for the perfect activity - we have it!
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We provide all the tools you need to create memorable retrospectives.
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Explore Neatroverse and discover the Neatro community's creations.
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Bring your best retrospectives to life

Neatro provides you with the flexibility and tools you need to build your own retrospective activities. The only limit is your imagination.
Custom Retrospective Template Editor

Find the right words

Triggering meaningful discussions is no easy thing. That's why Neatro offers you an extensive collection of ready-to-use powerful questions.
Questions to build a custom retrospective template

Define your style

Give a real identity to your retrospective thanks to our library of 1,300 pictures. Or use custom images.
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Create the perfect atmosphere

Choose the ultimate wallpaper to bring a friendly, thrilling, or even epic touch to your activity.
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One template, two ambiances

Push the limits of immersion by opting for either a light or dark mode.
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Share your creation
You can make your model accessible to all other Neatro teams within your organization.
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Enjoy the Neatro experience
Your custom template will follow the Neatro retrospective framework, known for its efficiency and collaborative spirit.
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Quickly onboard participants
Neatro is super easy to use. Participants don't even need to create a Neatro account to join your retrospectives.
Your team deserves the best Agile retrospective experience
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Out of inspiration?

We've got your back! 30+ activities await you in the Neatro collection.
Check our Retrospective Templates
The 4Ls Sprint Retrospective Template
The 4Ls
Retro Football Club Sprint Retrospective Template
Retro Football Club
Keep Drop Start Sprint Retrospective Template
Keep Drop Start
The Raid Boss Sprint Retrospective Template
The Raid Boss
Start Stop Continue Sprint Retrospective Template
Start Stop Continue
Rock Band Sprint Retrospective Template
The Rock Band
Value Bricks Sprint Retrospective Template
Value Bricks
Improve as a team, sprint after sprint.
Make your retrospective a great opportunity to onboard a new team member.
Welcome aboard
What emotions did you feel during the last Sprint?
Glad Sad Mad
Make a full assessment of your last Sprint or project.
The Retro of Retros - the one that maximizes the value of your meetings.
Here's a playful way to revisit your team's processes.
The Three Little Pigs
You found a magical lamp and freed the Genie inside! Pick three wishes.
The Genie in a Bottle
This futurespective will help your team reach its goals.
The Sailboat
An horrifying Agile retrospective idea!
The Zombie Apocalypse
Like the Elves, learn to quickly resolve the incidents that stand in your way.
The Christmas Elves' Workshop
A simple retrospective template, based on each member's learnings.
What Did You Learn?
An excellent technique to foster thinking about actions and ideas that generate value.
The Starfish
Your team deserves the best Agile retrospective experience
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