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Make your retrospectives more effective and enjoyable with Neatro.
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We provide all the tools you need to create memorable retrospectives.
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The best retrospective experience

At Neatro, we know that psychological safety is the key to successful retrospectives. Your road to fostering a culture of continuous improvement starts here.
Capture ideas
Group and discuss
Vote to prioritize
Build your action plan
Comment phase in the remote retrospective tool Neatro
Group Phase in the retrospective tool Neatro
Vote Phase in the retrospective tool Neatro
Action Plan Phase in the retrospective tool Neatro
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Live or Asynchronous, you decide
A Neatro retrospective can be conducted in real-time or asynchronously. Team members add comments to the retrospective board throughout your Sprint or project.
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Start your retrospective with an Icebreaker

A productive retrospective should not be a boring one. With 200+ questions included, our Question Game opens your retrospective with a delightful touch. This is the ideal activity to create a positive atmosphere and build trust in the team.
Icebreaker Question Game Examples

Follow up on your action plan

Setting your action items in motion is the best way to keep your team engaged. Neatro will remind you of actions requiring follow-up at the start of each retrospective.
Action item reminder in the retrospective tool Neatro

Write your comments

Participants separately post their ideas on the retrospective board - without influencing each other.
Groupthink Icon
Avoid groupthink
Participants cannot see what other people write during this first step. That way, people genuinely open up.
Psychological Safety Icon
Reinforce psychological safety levels
Neatro offers the possibility to write a comment under your own name, or anonymously.
Timer Icon
Stay in control of time
A timer is available on each step of the retrospective to help you manage time.
Column Comments
Column Comments

Regroup all ideas

Group similar comments together to keep your board lean. Then attach topics to uncover key trends.
Categorize Comments Icon
Categorize your comments
Use Neatro's 10 ready-to-use topics or create the ones that perfectly match your team's reality.
Everybody contributes Icon
Everyone contributes
Each participant can help regroup comments and attach topics. No wonder your retrospective facilitator will enjoy that!
Facilitate discussions Icon
Facilitate discussions
Easily highlight comments from a particular author. Doing so will help them introduce their ideas to the team.
Group Column
Group Column


Through a voting session, prioritize the discussion topics that matter most to the team.
Authentic Vote Icon
Vote in an authentic way
Each participant votes without ever being influenced by the other participants.
Adjust votes Icon
Adjust the number of votes
You can change the number of votes per participant to meet your expectations perfectly.
Watch team's progress Icon
Watch your team's progress
Neatro helps you follow the evolution of votes in real-time while keeping voters anonymous.
Vote Column
Vote Column

Build your action plan

Discuss the most voted comments with your team. Then create your action items to help the team improve.
Action Plan Phase in the retrospective tool Neatro
Effective team actions Icon
Effective team actions
Neatro assists you in creating SMART action items. Soon you will understand how powerful an action plan can be.
Maximize focus Icon
Maximize focus
Assign a member to give the team a single person responsible for communicating the progress of an action item.
Export action items Icon
Export your action items
Save time by exporting your action items to Jira Cloud, Azure DevOps, GitHub,, and more.
Your team deserves the best Agile retrospective experience
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Assess your Return on Time Invested (ROTI)

Through a short ROTI questionnaire, participants anonymously evaluate the effectiveness of the retrospective that has just ended. It is also an opportunity to share suggestions to increase the efficiency of future retrospectives.
Return On Time Invested in the online retrospective tool Neator

Share a full retrospective report

List of participants, action items, comments sorted by topic and number of votes, action items, ROTI result… Everything is gathered in your report. Easy to read, easy to share. You can download your report in PDF or CSV formats.
Retrospective Report in the retrospective tool Neatro

Enjoy 30+ great retrospective templates

Neatro gathers the most popular retrospective ideas in the Agile universe.​ And creative activities you've never seen before, too.
Check our Retrospective Templates
The 4Ls Sprint Retrospective Template
The 4Ls
Retro Football Club Sprint Retrospective Template
Retro Football Club
Keep Drop Start Sprint Retrospective Template
Keep Drop Start
The Raid Boss Sprint Retrospective Template
The Raid Boss
Start Stop Continue Sprint Retrospective Template
Start Stop Continue
Rock Band Sprint Retrospective Template
The Rock Band
Value Bricks Sprint Retrospective Template
Value Bricks
Improve as a team, sprint after sprint.
Make your retrospective a great opportunity to onboard a new team member.
Welcome aboard
What emotions did you feel during the last Sprint?
Glad Sad Mad
Make a full assessment of your last Sprint or project.
The Retro of Retros - the one that maximizes the value of your meetings.
Here's a playful way to revisit your team's processes.
The Three Little Pigs
You found a magical lamp and freed the Genie inside! Pick three wishes.
The Genie in a Bottle
This futurespective will help your team reach its goals.
The Sailboat
An horrifying Agile retrospective idea!
The Zombie Apocalypse
Like the Elves, learn to quickly resolve the incidents that stand in your way.
The Christmas Elves' Workshop
A simple retrospective template, based on each member's learnings.
What Did You Learn?
An excellent technique to foster thinking about actions and ideas that generate value.
The Starfish
Your team deserves the best Agile retrospective experience
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