Retrospective Templates

No more hours spent on searching for the perfect activity - we have it! Enjoy our 30 ready-to-use retrospective formats.
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Run easy retrospectives
Intuitive, quick, and simple retrospective ideas. Recommended for beginners.
Eyes emoji
Make a full assessment
Conduct a thorough investigation of your last Sprint, project, or event.
Heart Emoji
Demonstrate vulnerability
We are not robots, are we? So let's truthfully expose our feelings.
Muscle Emoji
Overcome difficulties
We tell each other the real things, adapt our plan, and all move forward together.
Flying Rocket
Project yourself into the future
Have a futurespective today to lead your team to success tomorrow.
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Improve Team Bonding
Build a strong team spirit through these creative retrospective ideas.
A blue book
Cultivate learnings
Remember that a learning team is a team willing to go far.
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Live a unique experience
One-of-a-kind activities you won't see anywhere else (we imagined them!).
The Easter Egg Hunt retrospective
The Easter Egg Hunt
Your Sprint has turned into a real egg hunt. Time to share your loot!
The Welcome Aboard retrospective
Welcome aboard
Make your next retrospective a great opportunity to onboard a new team member.
The Christmas Elfves' Workshop retrospective
The Christmas Elves' Workshop
Like the Elves, learn to quickly resolve the incidents that stand in your way.
Neatro's retrospective template Retroception
The Retro of Retros - the one that maximizes the value of your meetings.
Journey into Egyptian Mythology Retrospective
Egyptian Mythology
May the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses help you run a legendary retrospective!
Raid Boss Retrospective
The Raid Boss
If your last Sprint was a video game boss, what would be the roles of your team members?
Neatro's retrospective template Bricks
Value Bricks
Think about how to continuously deliver value while giving recognition to your colleagues.
Neatro's retrospective template Hopes & Concerns
Hopes & Concerns
Foster empathy and get prepared for what's coming next!
Neatro's retrospective template Rock Band
The Rock Band
You have finished your concert at the legendary Sprint Festival. It is time for the debriefing.
Neatro's retrospective template Zombie Apocalypse
The Zombie Apocalypse
Will your team be able to survive the toughest challenges?
Neatro's retrospective template What did you learn?
What Did You Learn?
A simple retrospective template, based on each member's learnings.
Neatro's retrospective template From Canada With Love
From Canada, with love
Have a nice trip to Canada through this meaningful retrospective idea.
Neatro's retrospective template Football Club
Retro Football Club
Our team gave it all. So let's see how our last game went.
Neatro's retrospective template Genie in a bottle
Genie in a Bottle
You have found a magical lamp and freed the genie inside. What will be your three wishes?
Neatro's retrospective template Start Stop Continue
Start Stop Continue
Help your team members identify what they need to start doing, stop doing, and continue doing to become even more effective.
Neatro's retrospective template Cupid
Cupid's Retrospective
Love can also be part of your retrospectives, you know!
Neatro's retrospective template Three Little Pigs
The Three Little Pigs
Fun activity that uses the Three Little Pigs story to foster a conversation on how to make your process more solid.
Neatro's retrospective template Keep Drop Start
Keep Drop Start
This retrospective template is great to talk about processes and habits your team would like to keep, drop or start for the next sprint.
Neatro's retrospective template DAKI
This exercise is good to focus on improvement after several sprints working with the same team.
Neatro's retrospective template Learning Matrix
Learning Matrix
Identify what your team liked or disliked about the past sprint. Give recognition to your peers and find what to do for the future.
Neatro's retrospective template Starfish
Starfish is an excellent technique to foster thinking about actions and ideas that generate value.
Neatro's retrospective template Sailboat
The Sailboat
The island is your team's objective and the wind is all the things that help your team to reach its goals.
Neatro's retrospective template Appreciation Game
Appreciation Game
A short activity based on the good things your team members did! Reinforce your team's relationship hence its velocity.
Neatro's retrospective template Pros and Cons
Pros and Cons
The ideal model to help you make a decision about a specific problem.
Neatro's retrospective template 4Ls
Liked, learned, lacked, and longed for. Four simple words to dig into both the positive and negative aspects of your last Sprint.
Neatro's retrospective template SWOT
Identify the team's strengths and weaknesses, then reflect on the opportunities and threats that emerge from them.
Neatro's retrospective template What Went Well
What Went Well
Recommended for new teams. Just go back over what worked and did not work well in the last Sprint.
Neatro's retrospective template End-of-year
The End-of-Year Retrospective
The perfect activity to wrap up the year and start thinking about next year.
Neatro's retrospective template Glad Sad Mad
Glad Sad Mad
Help your team members talk about their feelings and what makes them glad, sad or mad.
Neatro's retrospective template The Pirates
The Pirates
You are on your way to find a treasure that represents what your team should try to improve.
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