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🔥 Top features:
Launch an unlimited number of activities
You can launch as many Retrospectives and Team Radars as you wish. As simple as that.
Save time with your ready-to-use Retrospective templates
We're working hard to offer the best retrospective activities to our users; this is why we update Neatro frequently with new templates. This number increases every month.
Run Team Radars to check on your team's health
Get a realistic picture of your team's strengths and areas of improvement through 10 key team dimensions. Start new Team Radars as frequently as desired.
Build custom Retrospective and Team Radar models
Create as many personalized Retrospective and Team Radar templates as needed. In just a few minutes, you can build your own activity and run it with your team.
Invite as many team members as needed
Small, medium, or large teams? Build your teams just like they are in real life. There is no limit to the number of people you can have in Neatro teams.
📈 Watch your team grow:
Participate anonymously (or not)
People can join a retrospective and share comments either under their real name or anonymously.
Assign owners for every action item
Make your teams accountable and assign an owner to every action item created.
Export your action items to your team's board
"You already manage your team's work in a tool and don't want to bother everyone with yet another software? Export your action items to Jira and Azure DevOps. Or enjoy our simple export formats (PDF and .csv)."
Track your team's progress
Each Team Radar you send to your team will generate data points. Easily follow the progress of these topics in our Team Radar analytic view.
Manage the role of each team member
Easily update your team members' roles and let anyone become a Retrospective Facilitator.
💖 You'll love our support:
Fast and friendly support
If you need anything from us, we'll be there for you. And quick. Period.
Email, live chat, and video support for everybody
Our goal is to provide the best support experience ever. Just pick up your favorite channel, and we'll get it right!
We speak both English and French
You can even challenge us to speak Spanish. But this is at your own risk.
Online Help Center for most common questions
Sometimes, you just want to have an answer right away without even have to talk to us. Our Help Center is here for you.
Frequently asked questions
Do team members need to create accounts to join a retrospective?
No, people don't need to create an account to participate in Retrospectives or Team Radars. However, if you want your team members to gain access to all of your team's retrospectives history, they will need to create a Neatro account (it's free).
Is Neatro mobile-friendly?
Absolutely. Neatro is 100% responsive and works with all browsers. From mobile to wide desktop screens, you will always get the best online retrospective experience.
How does my 30-day free trial work?
The 30-day free trial gives you access to all features from our Premium plan. Note that there is no difference at all between a trial and our Premium plan.
Will I be charged when my trial is up?
Not at all. Remember, no credit card is required to start your free trial! When your trial is up, no charges whatsoever happen. When your free trial expires, you can simply decide whether you want to keep using Neatro or not.
What if I need a longer trial?
No problem at all. Just send us a message (use the live chat module or email us at support@neatro.io), and we'll be there to help!
What are my payment options?
All payments are made via credit card. We can issue invoices with alternate payment methods for Enterprise accounts. Contact us at support@neatro.io for more details.
How secure is Neatro?
We follow the best security policies and we keep your data safe, day after day. Neatro is hosted on a SOC 2 compliant cloud infrastructure powered by Microsoft Azure. Connections to Neatro servers are secured using TLS 1.2, and passwords are encrypted using PBKDF2 (HMAC-SHA256 and 128-bit salt). Database backups are stored for a maximum of 7 days.
Which languages do you support?
The Neatro platform is fully available in both English and French.
I'd like to talk to someone, is that possible?
Of course! If you want a demo, please pick the timeslot that best suits your agenda by clicking on "Schedule a demo" on top of the page. If you need support, send us a message (support@neatro.io).
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