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35 Sprint Retrospective Examples & Ideas Your Team Will Love

Photo of Alison Robins
By Alison Robins
Last updated on January 17, 2024
35 Sprint retrospective ideas for your Agile team

Finding ways to spice up your retrospective meetings isn’t always easy. A simple template like “The 4Ls model (Liked, Learned, Lacked, Longed for)” can be effective, but over time it loses its luster and can make each meeting feel like a broken record. Our latest icebreaker questions will definitely help spruce things up, but we decided to take it a step further.

Neatro’s innovation lab is charged with creating fun and never-before-seen retrospective activities to ensure that your next Sprint retrospective (and the one after that) is engaging, productive, and memorable.

Let’s dig into our 35 retrospective activity examples:

  1. Fun Retrospective Ideas For Agile Teams

  2. Fun Sprint Retrospective Ideas For Scrum Teams

  3. Simple Project Retrospective Templates

  4. Fun Remote Retrospective Ideas

  5. Classic Agile Retrospective Templates

  6. Seasonal Retro Themes

  7. Fun Retrospective Games to try with your Team

  8. Quick Retro Formats for your next Retrospective Meeting

Fun Retrospective Ideas For Agile Teams

Genie in a Bottle

The Genie in the Bottle Fun Retrospective Idea
Try this template

During a journey to the land of one thousand and one nights with your team, you come across the famous magic lamp.

The genie appears and gives each one of you three wishes. 🧞 One for your team, one for you, and one for anything you want. Then it will be up to you and your team to decide how you are going to change the future. 🌠

How to use this retrospective idea:

1. One wish for you: In your work situation, what would you wish for? More time to focus on your daily tasks, fewer meetings, or maybe a workstation next to a window?

2. One wish for your team: If you were able to snap your fingers and give something to your team, what would you choose?

3. One wish for everyone else: What if you could change anything in the world? What would it be?

👉 Learn more about the Genie in a Bottle retrospective idea!

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

The Good, the bad, and the Ugly Sprint retrospective example
Try this template

"The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly" retrospective is a straightforward idea crafted to lead Agile teams through a reflective process.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic film, this template divides the retrospective into three components, enabling teams to analyze and evaluate their recent Sprint, iteration, or project.

How to use this retrospective idea:

1. The Good: What are the things that went well and that we'd like to repeat?

2. The Bad: What are the things we want to 'eliminate' moving forward?

3. The Ugly: What did not go as well as expected - but could be fixed and improved for next time?

👉 Learn more about The Good, The Bad, The Ugly retrospective idea!

The Rock Band

The Rock Band, a fun Retrospective Idea
Try this template

This retrospective idea is a perfect fit for Agile teams working in sprints that hold recurring retros. It’s also great for conducting events or project post-mortems.

Just like after any performance, the team needs to debrief! Give your team a band name (or even better, decide on one together) and dedicate roles to each member of the group. This exercise alone is sure to get people out of their shells, escaping the monotony of previous retros with a fun twist.

How to use this retrospective idea:

1. The Scene: Describe how the band performed in the last “show” (your sprint).

2. Backstage: What did you notice about what went on behind the scenes?

3. The Road Crew: Get human! Highlight who helped the group and be specific in how they made an impact.

4. The Setlist: Looking back on the performance overall, discuss how you can improve for the next Sprint.

👉 Learn more about the Rock Band retrospective idea!

The Star Wars Futurespective

The Star Wars Sprint Retrospective example
Try this template

The Star Wars Futurespective idea serves as an ideal activity to kick off a new project and set a firm foundation with your team.

Similar to a retrospective, it involves tapping into the team's collective knowledge to construct an action plan, but with a unique twist—this time, drawing on past experiences to anticipate and shape the future.

Creating an action plan inspired by the thrilling universe of Star Wars adds an exciting and uncommon dimension to the process, making it a memorable and engaging start for your team's new venture.

Pilots, to your X-Wings!

How to use this futurespective idea:

1. The crew (optional): What is your nickname ? Introduce yourself and tell the whole crew your role.

2. The Rebel base: What are your goals ? Besides your main goal, what do you want to accomplish?

3. Energy: What is the source of energy that helps you get closer to the goal? How to preserve it?

4. Asteroids: What could slow you down and make your mission difficult?

5. The Imperial fleet: What's the biggest threat your crew could face?

👉 Learn more about the Star Wars futurespective idea!

The Sailboat

The Sailboat Retrospective idea
Try this template

The Sailboat retrospective template is a beloved and widely adopted approach among Agile teams.

Embark on this captivating and thought-provoking activity to foster meaningful discussions among your team members regarding their strides towards achieving the collective team goal. Whether reflecting on the most recent Sprint or revisiting a previous project, the Sailboat retrospective idea provides a dynamic platform for exploration.

⛵ Envision your team as sailors on a quest to reach a desert island. This island embodies your team's objective. Picture the sailboat poised for departure, with the wind embodying the supportive factors propelling the sailboat towards its destination. The anchor, on the other hand, represents potential hindrances that could impede the boat's progress. Delve into the metaphorical iceberg, an illustration of the lurking dangers that may threaten to disrupt the journey.

How to use this retrospective idea:

1. The Island: Your team's objective.

2. The Wind: What helps your team move forward.

3. The Anchor: Everything that is slowing you down.

4. The Iceberg: The potential risks.

👉 Learn more about the Sailboat retrospective idea!

Fun Sprint Retrospective Ideas For Scrum Teams

Oscar Academy Awards

The Oscar Academy Awards retrospective idea
Try this template

The Oscar Academy Awards is a fun Sprint retrospective idea that offers a distinctive and captivating approach, infusing a touch of Hollywood glamour into your team's reflection process.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned Academy Awards, this template prompts Scrum teams to not only recognize and celebrate achievements but also acknowledge challenges while spotlighting outstanding team members.

It brings an element of prestige and excitement to the retrospective, making the reflection process both unique and enjoyable for the team.

How to use this Sprint retrospective idea:

1. Best Achievement: What's our main achievement from this Sprint?

2. Best Slap in the Face: What did hit as hard as Will Smith's slap?

3. Best Lesson Learned: What did you learn?

4. Best Actor or Actress: Who deserves the ultimate Award of the Sprint? Why?

👉 Learn more about the Oscar Academy Awards Sprint retrospective idea!

Hot Air Balloon

The Hot Air Balloon retrospective idea
Try this template

This fun retrospective idea is crafted to lead your Scrum team through a thorough evaluation of your most recent Sprint, highlighting four crucial aspects symbolized by the columns of the Hot Air Balloon.

How to use this Sprint retrospective idea:

1. Sunny Skies: What are the positive things that lie ahead?

2. Hot Air: What are the things pushing us along?

3. Storm Clouds: What are the problems or obstacles coming up?

4. Sandbags: What's slowing us down or holding us back?

👉 Learn more about the Hot Air Balloon Sprint retrospective idea!

Scrum Values Retrospective

Sprint retrospective example about the Scrum Values
Try this template

This innovative Sprint retrospective idea is specifically designed to align your team with the core values of Scrum, promoting a culture of collaboration and efficiency. The five columns symbolize key values, offering a structured framework for evaluating and improving team performance.

How to use this Sprint retrospective idea:

1. Commitment: How can we ensure we follow through on our commitments?

2. Focus: How can we improve focus on our goals?

3. Openness: How do we remain receptive to new ideas and approaches?

4. Respect: How do we demonstrate mutual respect to each other?

5. Courage: How do we address challenging issues?

👉 Learn more about the Scrum Values Sprint retrospective idea!

From Canada With Love

Sprint retrospective example about Canada
Try this template

Transport your Scrum team beyond the office walls to the Great North for a breath of fresh air. This unique Sprint retrospective idea will give your team a little taste of Canada!

As a team, go through the highlights of your last Sprint or project, reviewing both the challenges and successes you encountered. Don’t forget to cap it off with some sweet words to keep team morale high.

Off to Celine Dion land you go!

How to use this Sprint retrospective idea:

1. More maple syrup: What made your last Sprint as sweet and nice as Canadians?

2. Feels like -40: What bothered you about the last Sprint?

3. Hockey > all: Discuss what matters most to you as a team. For example, a positive mindset might be a shared value. Then discuss how to live this value meaningfully together.

4. Lost in the barrens: What are your team’s greatest fears?

5. “Canadians are so nice”: Share a few kind words with your teammates. As we all know by now, a little gratitude can go a long way.

👉 Learn more about the From Canada, with love Sprint retrospective idea!

Welcome Aboard

Fun Sprint retrospective example to onboard a new teammember
Try this template

Did you know that your Sprint retrospective provides the perfect opportunity to seamlessly integrate newcomers into the crew?

In this fun retrospective idea, your Scrum team will embark on its flagship to achieve a dual mission: reflecting on the events of the last iteration and facilitating the onboarding process for the new crew member.

How to use this Sprint retrospective idea:

1. Meet the crew: Introduce yourself and tell how you help the team move forward.

2. I wish I knew: Share something you wish you had known on day one.

3. I'll support you: What can YOU do to help with the newcomer's onboarding?

4. Mission highlights: What are the highlights of our last iteration?

5. To infinity and beyond: How could we become stronger as a team?

👉 Learn more about the Welcome Aboard Sprint retrospective idea!

Simple Project Retrospective Templates

Keep Drop Start

Keep Drop Start Retrospective Template
Try this template

A straightforward method to actively engage everyone in your project retrospective process is to employ the Keep Drop Start template.

The brilliance lies in its intuitive design, as its name succinctly encapsulates its three components - quite incredible, isn't it? 😆

Engage in a discussion about your team's processes and habits across these three dimensions: the aspects you'd like to retain, the elements you'd prefer to discard, and the new ideas or practices you want to explore in the upcoming Sprint (or project).

How to use this project retrospective template:

1. Keep: Write something you would like to keep.

2. Drop: Write something you would like to drop.

3. Start: Write something you would like to start.

👉 Learn more about the Keep Drop Start retrospective template!

Rose Thorns Bud

The Rose Thorn Bud retrospective template
Try this template

The "Rose, Thorn, and Bud" is a straightforward yet impactful project retrospective template.

Just like every rose, no matter how beautiful, has thorns that can cause harm if not handled carefully, this metaphorical framework enables your team to address its successes (the rose), tackle the challenges encountered (the thorns), and seize new opportunities for growth and improvement (the buds).

How to use this project retrospective template:

1. Rose: Share the highlights, successes and victories of the completed sprint.

2. Thorns: Identify any challenges or problems you encountered.

3. Bud: Like a bud ready to open, what opportunities are available to you

👉 Learn more about the Rose Thorns Bud retrospective template!


The SWOT retrospective template
Try this template

SWOT, an audit technique borrowed from the business realm, finds a seamless application in the context of a project retrospective. Traditionally used for assessing products or companies, the SWOT structure adapts flawlessly to retrospective discussions.

SWOT is an acronym comprising Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. The distinctive value of this retrospective template lies in its simplicity: SWOT empowers team members to create a comprehensive overview of the team's strengths and weaknesses, allowing for thoughtful reflection on both the opportunities and potential threats in their environment.

How to use this project retrospective template:

1. Strengths: What are our strengths?

2. Weaknesses: What are our weak points?

3. Opportunities: What opportunities can we seize?

4. Threats: What obstacles will stand in front of us?

👉 Learn more about the SWOT retrospective template!

Working and Stuck

The Working and stuck retrospective template
Try this template

"Working and Stuck" is a project retrospective template meticulously designed to facilitate a focused evaluation, distinguishing between aspects that are functioning effectively and those causing obstacles.

With two clear columns, "Working" and "Stuck," this retrospective provides a straightforward structure for your team to assess and improve project performance.

How to use this project retrospective template:

1. Working: What is working well?

2. Stuck: What's holding us back?

👉 Learn more about the Working & Stuck retrospective template!

Fun Remote Retrospective Ideas

Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room retrospective idea
Try this template

Ever felt that awkward vibe when an unspoken issue is lingering?

Employ this fun remote retrospective idea for a collaborative and thoughtful resolution to address the metaphorical "elephant in the room."

How to use this remote retrospective idea:

1. Identify the Elephant: What is the problem we've been avoiding ?

2. Evaluate the Impacts: What are the consequences?

3. Express Feelings: How do you feel about the situation?

4. Uncover the Root Causes: Why do you think we've been avoiding talking about this issue?

👉 Learn more about the Elephant in the Room retrospective idea!

Mountain Climber

The Mountain Climber remote retrospective idea
Try this template

The Mountain Climber is an intricately designed remote retrospective idea aimed at injecting excitement, clarity, and actionable insights into your team's post-sprint reflections.

Drawing inspiration from the challenges and triumphs of mountain climbing, this template goes beyond the conventional retrospective format, providing a structured yet dynamic approach to retrospectives that mirrors the adventurous spirit of conquering peaks.

How to use this remote retrospective idea:

1. Ropes: What assisted us in reaching our goal?

2. Boulders: What obstacles stood in our way?

3. Weather: How do we feel about our hike?

4. Hiking Journal: What have we learned along the way?

5. First Aid: What would make our next trek easier?

👉 Learn more about the Mountain Climber retrospective idea!

What Did You Learn?

What did you learn Retrospective Idea
Try this template

Testing, iterating, making mistakes and learning from them. This is the bread and butter of Agile teams. Use this at the end of each Sprint or for a quarterly team review.

This fun remote retrospective idea gives space for each team member to reflect on learnings (about themselves, their work, the team, etc). While it might seem like a traditional retro, not to worry – this exercise brings a fresh perspective on how to surface and discuss these learnings.

How to use this remote retrospective idea:

1. About me: What did you learn about yourself in the past Sprint?

2. About the team: What have you learned about the team collectively?

3. About the deliverable, project, etc: Think about the deliverable itself, and all the processes leading up to it. What learnings do you have from how you scoped the project, the timelines, the execution and the go-live process?

4. About anything else: Anything goes here. What else have you learned along the way?

👉 Learn more about the What did you learn? retrospective idea!

The Pirates

The Pirates Retrospective Idea
Try this template

For those of you that are more adventurous, board your team’s ship and hoist the black flag! 🏴‍☠️

The last sprint becomes your last adventure. Determine what have been the most precious treasures among your findings and do whatever is necessary to find them on each of your trips out at sea. 🦜

How to use this remote retrospective idea:

1. The Treasure: What are the most precious things in the way you go about your work?

2. The Cliff: The cliff represents the risks that you must avoid at all costs.

3. Keep Course!: This section represents your most efficient ways of working, or that bring the most value to your team.

4. Change Course!: Errors are human and often unexpected; is there anything you could have avoided recently?

👉 Learn more about The Pirates retrospective idea!

Classic Agile Retrospective Templates

Start Stop Continue

Start Stop Continue retrospective template
Try this template

The Start Stop Continue retrospective is a widely recognized action-oriented technique crafted to facilitate the sharing of practical ideas for team improvement.

This classic Agile retrospective template guides your team with three fundamental questions.

How to use this Agile retrospective template:

1. Start: What should we start doing?

2. Stop: What should we stop doing?

3. Continue: What should we continue doing?

👉 Learn more about the Start Stop Continue retrospective template!

Glad Sad Mad

Glad Sad Mad Retrospective Idea
Try this template

The Glad Sad Mad is a classic Agile retrospective template tailored to encourage open discussions about feelings and emotions within your team.

This powerful technique invites team members to share experiences that brought them joy (Glad), disappointment (Sad), or frustration (Mad).

How to use this Agile retrospective template:

1. Glad: Things you are happy with.

2. Sad: Things you are sad about.

3. Mad: Things you are mad about.

👉 Learn more about the Glad Sad Mad retrospective template!


DAKI Retrospective Idea
Try this template

DAKI is another classic Agile retrospective template, with its name serving as an acronym for Drop, Add, Keep, Improve.

Team members participate by sharing things they believe should be dropped, added, kept, or improved, fostering a collaborative and reflective atmosphere.

How to use this Agile retrospective template:

1. Drop: Things you would like to drop.

2. Add: Things you would like to add.

3. Keep: Things you would like to keep.

4. Improve: Things you would like to improve.

👉 Learn more about the DAKI retrospective template!

The Three Little Pigs

The Three Little Pigs Retrospective Idea
Try this template

Do you remember the classic tale of The Three Little Pigs? 🐷 This Agile retrospective template will take your team back to childhood and help them learn how to be better builders.

Separate the ways your team works into the three houses of the little pigs. Then decide which actions to take so that all of your processes become as solid as the house made of brick! 🏠

How to use this Agile retrospective template:

1. The house made of straw: What do we do that just about hangs together, but could collapse easily?

2. The house made of sticks: What do we do that is pretty solid, but could be improved?

3. The house made of bricks: What do we do that is very solid and we need to continue doing?

👉 Learn more about the Three Little Pigs retrospective template!

The Starfish

The starfish retrospective template
Try this template

Crafted by Patrick Kua, the Starfish retrospective technique changes the way teams evaluate the impact of their efforts. This method not only prompts participants to reflect on successes, challenges, and areas for improvement in the upcoming work cycle but also introduces a new angle focused on the value generated by the team.

Gone are the days of simply listing what went well and what could be enhanced. With the Starfish retrospective template, the emphasis shifts to a deeper exploration of the value derived from the team's actions. Members are encouraged to share fresh ideas aimed at maximizing this value, injecting a dynamic and forward-thinking dimension into the retrospective process.

How to use this Agile retrospective template:

1. Keep Doing: Things we are doing well and that we consider valuable.

2. Less Of: Things we do that bring a limited value.

3. More Of: Things we do, which will maximize value if done even more.

4. Stop Doing: Things that are not bringing value anymore.

5. Start Doing: New actions or ideas to get more value.

👉 Learn more about the Starfish retrospective template !

Seasonal Retro Themes

Zombie Apocalypse

The Zombie Apocalypse Retrospective Idea
Try this template

This Halloween retro theme is a bit more complex but brings a high dose of creativity and energy to the table. Used as a Sprint retrospective activity, this exercise will help your team come to a general diagnosis of your last work cycle.

The end of the world is nye, and the only way to survive is to fight off those pesky Zombies as a united group. The team will need to discuss challenges encountered, the tools and processes that helped along the way, why some things did not happen as originally planned and of course, lessons learned for next time.

How to use this retro theme:

1. The Bestiary: Identify the enemies and challenges the team faced in the last Sprint.

2. Stop by the Gun Shop: Discuss the tools, techniques and processes that have proven to be useful for the team.

3. The perfect plan…or is it? It’s time to chat about where and when things went wrong.

4. The Survivors diary: What lessons have you learned from your adventures?

5. Unity is strength: How can we improve our team dynamics?

👉 Learn more about the Zombie Apocalypse retrospective theme!

End-of-year Retrospective

End-of-year Retrospective Idea
Try this template

As the year comes to a close, seize the opportunity for the final Sprint Retrospective of the year.

This seasonal retro theme prompts team members to reflect on the highlights and lessons learned from the past year.

Together, the team shares hopes and resolutions for the upcoming year, fostering collective growth. As always, the core objective of retrospectives is to drive continuous improvement within your team.

How to use this retro theme:

1. Highlights: What are the most significant moments of the year?.

2. Lessons learned: What I've learned through the year.

3. My Hopes: Everything I hope for the team for next year.

4. My Resolutions: Anything I could do to help the team improve?

👉 Learn more about the End-of-Year retrospective theme!

The Elves' Workshop

The Christmas Elves' Workshop Retrospective Idea
Try this template

Embrace the festive spirit with a Christmas retro theme!

The Elves convene for a swift retrospective, collectively addressing challenges and devising solutions. With their dedication, the Elves are poised to conquer all challenges swiftly! 🎁

How to use this retro theme:

1. All-star Elves: What were the successful parts of our work?

2. Oops, I did it again!: How, when, and where did things go wrong?

3. Lessons from the Far North: What did you learn along the way?

4. Getting better and better: How can we improve as a team?

5. Once an Elf, always an Elf: What motivates you right now?

👉 Learn more about the Elve's Workshop retrospective theme!

The Easter Egg Hunt

The easter egg hunt retrospective idea
Try this template

Embrace the sweetness of a Easter themed retro with this delectable retrospective idea! 🍫

Reimagine your last Sprint or project as an Easter egg hunt, adding a festive twist to the reflection process.

Much like any effective retrospective activity, this themed template guides your teammates in pinpointing actions for rapid team improvement.

How to use this retro theme:

1. Treasure Map: What made your hunt easier?

2. Cracked Egg: What made your mission more difficult than expected?

3. Magic Egg: If you could return to the quest's start, what would you do differently?

4. Golden Egg: Who made a difference for the team? How?

👉 Learn more about the Easter Egg Hunt retrospective theme!

Cupid's Retrospective

Cupid's Retrospective Idea
Try this template

A retrospective is an excellent opportunity to give recognition (and show love!) to your colleagues. Highlight the good work that both you and your colleagues have done and together discuss what you want for the future of your team.

Disclaimer, Cupid has been selected as the ideal Valentine’s Day retro theme by the Neatro team. 💖

How to use this retro theme:

1. Self-love: Go on, get yourself some flowers, nobody is going to blame you.

2. Good stuff!: Now it’s time to give flowers to your colleagues.

3. My wishes for tomorrow: In the spirit of the Genie in a Bottle retrospective, what do you wish for your team in the future?

4. A team to die for: This is the perfect section to congratulate your colleagues.

👉 Learn more about the Cupid's retrospective theme!

Fun Retrospective Games to try with your Team

The Raid Boss

The Raid Boss retrospective game
Try this template

Who said retrospectives had to lack excitement? 🤷‍♀️

At Neatro, we combine our love for retrospectives with RPG/MMORPG video games to create the Raid Boss retrospective, a fun retrospective game!

This innovative approach not only provides an entertaining twist but also serves as a fantastic opportunity to recognize your teammates for their achievements.

Additionally, team members get to share valuable learnings from their journey, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

How to use this retrospective game:

1. The DPS: They gave all they had to take down the boss.

2. The Healers: They provided support to the team.

3. The Tanks: They took some hits to help the team move forward.

4. The Quest Log: What did we learn during this adventure?

👉 Learn more about the Raid Boss retrospective game!

Value Bricks

The Value Bricks retrospective idea
Try this template

Embark on a trip down memory lane with the Value Bricks, a fun retrospective game inspired by a beloved childhood theme : The Legos!

This engaging activity not only taps into the nostalgia of building intricate structures brick by brick but also guides your team in constructing an action plan for enhancing continuous value delivery.

Recall those countless hours spent on iterative approaches and value increments as you rediscover the joy of improvement through this enjoyable retrospective game.

How to use this retrospective game:

1. Well assembled: What is working as intended and we should keep using?

2. One brick at a time: How can we be better at delivering value to our users?

3. Don't step on it!: What could hurt the team if we don't pay attention to it?

4. Heart-shaped bricks: Congratulate your colleagues for their exceptional contribution.

👉 Learn more about the Value Bricks retrospective game!

Retro Football Club

Football Club Retrospective Idea
Try this template

Much like teams in the workplace, sports teams need to collaborate and communicate successfully if they want to win the match.

This fun retrospective game allows teams to think like team players and review the last “match” to help them improve.

Each team member will deliver their match report to help the team identify their strengths and areas of improvement.

How to use this retrospective game:

1. The three points: In a single comment, give a score to your last Sprint (and explain why) as well as 3 facts about this game.

2. What worked well: Think positive. What worked well the last Sprint?

3. The difficulties: Review what was tricky and might have caused you the match.

4. To the next game: Discuss everyone’s state of mind and expectations for the next game.

👉 Learn more about the Retro Football Club retrospective game!

Quick Retro Formats for your next Retrospective Meeting

The Appreciation Game

Appreciation Game Retrospective Idea
Try this template

While the standard retrospective meeting often involves discussing what went well, what didn't, and improvement strategies, there are different alternatives.

This approach allows you to swiftly focus on the team's dynamics. The Appreciation Game, tailored a quick retro format, provides a unique perspective by emphasizing individual recognition and spotlighting each team member's positive experiences from the last Sprint. 🤝

How to use this quick retro format:

1. Team Spirit: Who helped the team, and how?

2. Ideas: My ideas to help the team improve.

👉 Learn more about the Appreciation Game retro format!

What Went Well

The What Went Well retrospective idea
Try this template

As we just said, during retrospective meetings, Agile teams often ponder three essential questions: What worked well? What didn't go as planned? And how can we enhance our performance in the next Sprint?

Well, this quick retro format, called the What Went Well has this exact purpose.

How to use this quick retro format:

1. What went well?: Things that worked well.

2. What didn't go well?: Things that didn't work so well.

3. What could be improved?: How could we do better?

👉 Learn more about the What Went Well retro format!

Energy Levels Retrospective

The Energy Level retrospective idea
Try this template

Within the domain of team collaboration, sustaining high energy levels is crucial for ongoing success.

The "Energy Levels Retrospective," is a quick retro format that provides a structured approach to evaluate, comprehend, and elevate the collective energy of your team.

How to use this quick retro format:

1. Energy Boost: What energized you?

2. Energy Drain: What drained your energy?

3. Recharging your Batteries: What could re-energize you?

👉 Learn more about the Energy Levels retro format!

Hopes and Concerns

Hopes & Concerns Retrospective Idea
Try this template

This quick retro format proves ideal for guiding team members toward a new project, event, or any group initiative.

Departing from a conventional approach rooted in hard facts, this retrospective idea allocates space for each team member to express their hopes and concerns regarding the forthcoming endeavor.

Moreover, it establishes a framework that fosters transparency and empathy within the group.

How to use this quick retro format:

1. Hopes: What are you looking forward to?

2. Concerns: Anything that makes you feel nervous or worried.

👉 Learn more about the Hopes and Concerns retro format!

🎁 I want more retrospective ideas!

We hope you enjoyed our 35 retrospective ideas. If you want an extra dose of inspiration, there are even more retrospective ideas in our collection of retrospectives and in the Neatroverse, the retrospective template library made by our awesome community.

We wish you a good discovery! 😊

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