Help your team grow with effective online retrospectives

Neatro is an online retrospective tool to continuously improve your team and get the most out of each Agile retrospective.
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Online Retrospective Tool

Neatro offers interactive Agile retrospective boards to help teams have meaningful conversations and build their action plan. These action plans will be at the heart of Neatro's continuous improvement loop. If you are a scrum master, or in charge of a team that wants to improve, Neatro is for you.

Remote retrospectives made easy

Running a retrospective brings a lot of challenges. You want to make sure everyone has the room to talk and feel safe enough to contribute. Working remotely brings even more challenges. That's why using an online retrospective tool like Neatro will help you achieve great retrospective meetings, and focus on people first.

The best retrospective formats

No more hours spent online searching for the perfect retrospective activity. Neatro offers industry-proven retrospective formats that fit your remote (or in-person) team's context. You can also create your own template if you need something more specific.

More than just an online retrospective tool

Neatro will be your assistant in your facilitation process. Each retrospective is divided into four different steps (Collect, Group, Vote, Action Plan). These steps are designed to be the most effective way to conduct a remote retrospective. Follow them and keep your focus on your team members. Your team will leave this retrospective with a clear action plan on how to improve until the next one.

How does Neatro work?

Action items reminder

Making sure your action plans have an impact is the best way to keep your team engaged in your retrospectives. That's why any pending action item will be reminded at the beginning of each retrospective. Reflect on why these action items are still pending and use this reflection as a basis for this new retrospective.

Idea grouping and themes

You and your team members will be able to group comments with a simple drag and drop, even those from different columns. Get the big picture of your team's challenges and identify recurring trends with themes. To keep track of your team's progression across specific topics, Neatro saves these themes in every new retrospective. To help you get started, Neatro has five default themes based on our research on teams' biggest challenges.

Dot-voting and Timer

Timebox each step of your retrospective meetings with a timer visible to every member in real-time. Resurface the most important items in the dot-voting phase. Set the number of votes for each member and easily track the evolution of the voting phase.

Action Plan

Once your team has voted on the most important items, it is time to create an action plan. Thanks to its quick-access side panel, Neatro will guide you through each topic so your team can easily focus on the discussion. Create as many action items as you need per topic, and assign a team member to each item.


At the end of your retrospective, Neatro will automatically generate a report. This report contains all of the valuable information you and your team need to consult: action items and their lifecycle, a simplified view of the comments organized by votes, and the list of the members who joined this retrospective.

Export to Jira

Action items can easily be added to your team’s board in Jira. Your team won’t have to go back and forth between Neatro and Jira to experiment and try the learnings from your retrospectives.
 Having a board and dedicated owners help your team members being accountable for their team’s health.

Our retrospective templates

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The learning matrix
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Keep Drop Start
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The sailboat
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