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Start your meetings with the Two Truths and a Lie Icebreaker

Picture of Julien Valente
By Julien Valente
Published on May 13, 2022
Two Truths and a Lie Icebreaker

Preparing for a team meeting can be a real challenge. Whether your team is holding a brainstorming session, closely evaluating a project, or facilitating a team retrospective, it requires a lot of work, both in substance and in form.

When the meeting happens, it is natural to want to jump straight to the main topic. After all, you have to optimize every minute.

But did you know that starting that meeting with a 5-15 minute icebreaker will help you build psychological safety within the team? As a result, the quality and efficiency of your meeting will be drastically improved.

  1. What is an Icebreaker?

  2. What is the Two Truths and a Lie Icebreaker?

  3. How does the Two Truths and a Lie Icebreaker work?

  4. Strategize to fool your colleagues like a pro!

  5. Examples of Truths and Lies

What is an Icebreaker?

As its name suggests, an icebreaker helps break the ice and creates positive energy before beginning a team activity. Because icebreakers don’t need to be directly related to the subject of the meeting, they help reduce stress and bring a sense of calm to the room.

When choosing a type of icebreaker, you have to ask yourself before the official team meeting takes place if the exercise you are going to do is capable of:

  • Injecting positive energy into your team thanks to a playful spirit

  • Helping you get to know your colleagues better and strengthen team bonds

  • Preventing exhaustion due to multiple back-to-back meetings

  • Strengthening everyone's collaboration skills.

If the activity you are doing meets at least one of these criteria, you are on the right track!

There are hundreds of drills you can effectively practice with your team. One icebreaker that is extremely easy to orchestrate and will help bond its participants is Two Truths and A Lie.

What is the Two Truths and a Lie Icebreaker?

The Two Truths and a Lie icebreaker is a quick activity that will help bond the team through a simple game: guess which is the lie among the three facts stated by your colleagues.

This is a great activity for a newly formed team, or if you are welcoming one or more new members to your team.

Another strong point of this icebreaker is that it can be done orally, face-to-face, or remotely. If you are using a video conferencing tool, you can also ask the participants to send their truths and lies in the instant messenger when it is time to reveal everyone's responses.

How does the Two Truths and a Lie Icebreaker work?

An icebreaker must leave enough room for each participant to express themselves. It is very important that everyone can participate in the session. Therefore, the duration of this activity may vary depending on the number of participants.

Here is how to practice Two Truths and A Lie:

1️⃣ Give your team 3-5 minutes so that each member writes down two truths and one lie about themselves. Emphasize that they should keep these notes secret, and not share them with the team yet.

2️⃣ Once you've made sure everyone has come up with their two truths and one lie, invite a random participant to reveal their three statements…

3️⃣ Give your team 30 seconds to decide what the lie is. It’s not about debating anyone's assumptions, but it is instead about quickly choosing what the lie is.

4️⃣ At the end of these 30 seconds, everyone reveals what in their opinion is the lie among the 3 statements made by your colleagues.

5️⃣ Once everyone has spoken, invite the designated person to say what the lie was. People might be surprised!

6️⃣ Repeat this cycle until all team members have been able to reveal their 2 truths and 1 lie.

🎲 You can “gamify” this activity by holding a scoreboard. Those who find the lies earn one point per discovery. You can also award a point to the “good liars” who managed to deceive everyone!

You may notice that participants struggle to find lies and truths in the first stage.

You can help them out by preparing a list of questions:

  • Do you excel in a particular area or activity?

  • Do you have brothers or sisters?

  • Do you have an unusual story about them?

  • What's a completely new activity that you have started (or want to do)?

  • Have you witnessed anything extraordinary?

  • Do you have a special talent that no one knows about?

  • When you were a child, what did you want to become when you grew up?

  • Have you ever met a celebrity?

Strategize to fool your colleagues like a pro!

The difficulty of this icebreaker is to be able to deliver a credible lie. Here are some tips to keep your lies undetectable:

  • Give an equal amount of detail to each of your 3 examples.

  • Mix up the order of your lie and your truths.

  • Try to tell a lie that is not exaggerated, so that it is as plausible as your truths.

  • Deliver your lie in the same tone as you tell your truths.

  • Do not hesitate to use an extraordinary truth to camouflage it as a lie.

Kick off your next retrospective with an Icebreaker!
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Examples of Truths and Lies

Sometimes it’s nice to find inspiration in order to craft the perfect lie or to remember certain truths. We share with you a list of 5 categories of our favorite examples:

Family and Childhood:

1. I have a twin brother/sister

2. I lived in Australia when I was younger (or another country or city)

3. I am the eldest of 7 siblings (adjust the number to your situation)

4. One of my cousins ​​is a movie star 🎥⭐

5. My mother works for the secret service

6. I took acting lessons when I was young

7. I have a brother/sister 15 years younger than me

8. I love my 14th birthday Strokes t-shirt so much that I still wear it from time to time

9. As a child, I was terrified of dogs (or other animals) 🐕😱

10. My parents did everything for me to be a doctor (or another profession)

11. I was born in Accident, Maryland

12. As a child, I dreamed of becoming an influencer

13. In the playground, I was by far the best at bungee jumping

14. One of my jokes was posted in Carambar wrappers. 🍬😆

15. As a child, I was a voice actor for cartoons

16. I was the kid in the Kinder Surprise ad

17. My parents tattooed their children's names

18. When I was 10, we set fire to the neighbor's garden by making an improvised fireworks display on July 4th 🎆🔥

19. At 4, I decided I was a hairdresser and cut my little sister's hair

20. I got my first cell phone when I was 12, it was a Nokia.

Talents & Skills:

21. I ran a full marathon

22. I have the flexibility of a contortionist

23. I went to circus school when I was young 🎪🦁

24. I was ranked 1st on my tennis team (or any other ranking from another sport)

25. As a child, I wanted to be a professional stuntman so nothing scared me

26. I am ambidextrous and can write perfectly with both hands.

27. I'm in a rock band 🎸🤘

28. I did the music conservatory

29. I have recorded one (or more) famous song(s)

30. I won the "Who can eat the most hotdogs" contest on Long Island.

31. I still don't have my driver's license

32. I have invested in many cryptocurrencies 🤑📈

33. I am fluent in 6 languages ​​(adjust the number of languages)

34. I know how to play the clarinet (or any other instrument)

35. I belong to an improvisation league

36. I invented and published a board game 🎲✍️

37. My ELO rating in chess corresponds to the rank of Expert

38. I have set up several businesses in my life

39. I can stay 4 minutes in apnea

40. I have been awarded 5 trophies with my football/soccer team ⚽🏆

Geek :

41. I have a collection of over 1,200 Pokemon cards (or other types of cards)

42. I played all the Final Fantasy

43. I'm a Dungeon & Dragon Game Master 🏰🧠

44. With my group of friends, we play board games every weekend!

45. I own a geeky cocktail recipe book

46. I am able to play all Guitar Hero songs in expert mode

47. My first video game was Zelda on the Nintendo 🎮🗡️

48. My alter ego in Dungeon & Dragon is a bard who keeps singing the worst songs ever written

49. I am part of a manga translation group

50. I made more than 10 cosplay costumes

51. I was part of a semi-professional Counter-Strike team 🎯💪

52. At my old job, every Friday at 4 p.m., my team and I would have a Nerf battle.

53. I own over 30 Lego Star Wars models

54. I've seen all 500 episodes of Naruto

55. I have 3 computer screens 🖥️🤓

56. I regularly publish heroic fantasy news

57. I own 6 fully customized computer keyboards

58. I am a dice collector

59. I have a real game room at home (with arcade terminals, cinema, etc.)

60. I'm a die-hard Battlestar Galactica fan. 🚀👩‍🚀

Habits and Diet :

61. I hate chocolate (or any other food)

62. The first thing I do in the morning is go out for a walk with my dog.

63. I don't eat vegetables ❌🥗

64. I cycle 20 km every day

65. I calculate all the energy intake of my meals

66. I am allergic to peanuts (or other food)

67. I run every morning, no matter the weather 🏃🌨️

68. I often have my food delivered, and I almost never cook!

69. I can't eat spicy food

70. I don't sleep more than 6 hours a night

71. I am vegetarian

72. Asian food is by far my favorite 🍛🥡

73. I only travel by bike

74. Sometimes I eat my dessert before my main course.

75. I hate peppers

76. I can't fall asleep without reading a few pages of a book 📖😴

77. I do not drink alcohol

78. I only eat red food

79. I start all my days with 1 hour of yoga

80. I do all my video calls standing up

Random :

81. My laugh is so unique that when I laugh it sounds like a truck (or some other funny sound) 🚒🤣

82. I have an insect phobia (or other phobias)

83. I am addicted to gambling (Casino, Races, etc.)

84. I am able to imitate Gollum's voice perfectly

85. I seem shy, but I completely change my personality in a competitive context

86. I am unable to swim underwater without pinching my nose 👃🏊‍♀️

87. I'm terribly afraid of clowns

88. I can't get myself to use a public toilet

89. I strongly believe in astrology

90. My TikTok account has over 100,000 followers

91. I can read the future in tea leaves ☕🔮

92. I dyed my hair 10 different colors

93. I have selfies of me and Brad Pitt (or another celebrity)

94. I have never been to see a horror movie at the cinema

95. I have shown up in pajamas to a job interview before

96. I've sent a love letter to the wrong person 💌😬

97. It may sound scary, but I sleep with my eyes open

98. When I was a teenager, I was a fan of Justin Timberlake (or another artist)

99. I am very superstitious

100. I have a boat license but unfortunately, I also get seasick 🛥️🤢

You are now ready to test the Two Truths and One Lie icebreaker. Be sure to give all the members of your team the chance to express themselves and surprise you!

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