The Appreciation Game Retrospective Template

As a feel-good retrospective, this short activity is based on the good things your team members did! Reinforce your team's relationship hence its velocity.
Appreciation Game Retrospective Illustration for Neatro
Appreciation Game Retrospective Template in Neatro

What is the Appreciation Game retrospective?

This retrospective's level of difficulty is easy
Difficulty Level

Although the most common approach in a retrospective is to discuss what went well, what didn't go well, and what we could do to improve as a team, there are some exciting alternatives.

Indeed, a retrospective is, first and foremost, an opportunity to focus on the team's dynamics.

The Appreciation Game offers a unique perspective based on individual recognition while concentrating on each team member's good experiences from the last Sprint. 🤝

The 2 elements of the Appreciation Game

Retrospective Column Team Spirit in Neatro
Team Spirit
Who helped the team, and how?
e.g., Thank you Julien for helping me with my wireframes.
Retrospective Column Ideas in Neatro
My ideas to help the team improve.
e.g., more cross-team collaboration! By the way, Ben helped us get closer to the Sales team through his Lunch & Learn session.

Why & when should you use the Appreciation Game retrospective?

The Appreciation Game is the ideal retrospective format to build confidence between team members while shaping an action plan to help the team grow.

We recommend using this great activity when team morale appears low. Emphasizing the positive aspects and the contributions of everyone in the team can undoubtedly boost motivation.

But don't think that the Appreciation Game should be used only when the team vibe is low! Inversely, if your team feels great, this retrospective technique will let people say how each person positively contributes to the team chemistry.

Taking care of the team culture is everyone's business. The Appreciation Game will help you in this collective effort.

Where can I find the Appreciation Game retrospective?

The Appreciation Game is a powerful team activity praised by the Neatro community. We believe your team will love it too! ;)

You can try the Appreciation Game retrospective with your team for free by signing up for Neatro. No credit card is required. Note that participants do not need to create accounts to join an online retrospective in Neatro.

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