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The End-of-Year Retrospective Template

Celebrate your team's accomplishments and get ready for next year.
End of Year Retrospective Illustration for Neatro
End of Year Retrospective Template in Neatro

What is the End-of-Year Retrospective Template?

This one looks pretty self-explanatory, doesn't it? ;)

The end of the year has come! Times flies, right? Your team has given it all, and now would be a great time to run the last Sprint Retrospective of the year.

First, this retrospective format will help your team members reflect on the past year - in terms of highlights and lessons learned.

Then, all together, people will share their hopes and resolutions for next year - which will help your team grow fast. As always, your team's continuous improvement should be the core reason why you run retrospectives.

If you're looking for an easy retrospective activity to conclude the year in a thoughtful way, this activity should definitely be yours! 🥂

The 4 elements of the End-of-Year Retrospective Template

Retrospective Column Highlights in Neatro
What are the most significant moments of the year?
e.g., the release of Rocket Statistics, our whole new product
Retrospective Column Lessons learned in Neatro
Lessons learned
What I've learned through the year.
e.g., assembling a multidisciplinary team has helped us deliver value way faster than before
Retrospective Column My Hopes in Neatro
My Hopes
Everything I hope for the team for next year.
e.g., I wish we had a deeper collaboration with our Marketing team
Retrospective Column My Resolutions in Neatro
My Resolutions
Anything I could do to help the team improve?
e.g., I'd like to make our retrospectives more effective, so we'll try Neatro

Why & when should you use the End-of-Year Retrospective Template?

This fantastic retrospective technique offers the chance for everyone to share their perception of the entire year and their vision about next year.

If you wish to wrap up the year positively while looking at the adventures awaiting you next year, you should definitely try the End-of-Year retrospective format.

Also, we have seen many organizations employing this template to run a company-wide yearly retrospective. Although this might look challenging at first, we believe this approach offers a great diversity in the points of view, lessons learned, and hopes for next year. The more people you are, the more interesting your results will be!

Alternatively, you can modify this template's structure a bit and turn it into an end-of-trimester (or semester) team retrospective.

Finally, the end-of-year template can be used for any project post mortem, just as long as you already consider how to become better as a team for your next project!

End of Year Retrospective Icon
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