The From Canada, with Love Retrospective Template

Have a nice trip to Canada through this meaningful retrospective idea.

A Canadian retrospective, really?

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The unity of your team is all that matters. How about giving your team a breath of fresh air for your next retrospective?

This activity format imagined by the Neatro team will give you a little taste of the Canadian way of life. 🍁

Together, go through the highlights of your last iteration. Review both the successes and the challenges you have encountered along the way. Then share a few sweet words with the team - try to be as kind as Canadian people are!

❄️ Put on your hiking shoes, and make sure to review the rules of hockey. Here we go, off to Celine Dion's land!

Yes, this retrospective activity is full of stereotypes and cheesy references about Canada and Canadian people. Is it because Neatro is a Canadian product? Well... maybe ;)

The 5 elements of From Canada, with love

More Maple syrup!
What made our trip sweet & tasty?
e.g., we reached our monthly goal, so Andy invited us to a poutine dinner!
Feels like -40°C
What bothered us?
e.g., people who arrive late at retrospectives. This is sooo bad.
Hockey > all
What matters most for us?
e.g., keeping a great team mood is crucial.
Lost in the Barrens
What are our biggest fears?
e.g., what happens if we don't reach our trimestrial goals?
"Canadians are so nice"
Share a few kind words to the team.
e.g., Dennis, your latest mockup is as beautiful as an aurora borealis.

Why & when should you use this retrospective template?

From Canada, with love, is a perfect ally for any Sprint Retrospective. Furthermore, this retrospective model is way more than just a "feel-good" team activity.

The wide variety of questions raised in this retrospective technique will help you - as the retrospective facilitator - make a general team assessment. Then, add a twist of kindness through "kudos" given by team members at the end of the activity.

Since your team will go through no fewer than five core questions, make sure to book enough time to let your teammates reflect on past events. You don't want to waste the chance for your team to become stronger tomorrow just because not everyone had the opportunity to participate adequately, right? ;)

How to run the From Canada, with love template?

The From Canada, with love activity is a creative retrospective idea crafted by the Neatro team. We have built and enhanced this activity with the support of the Neatro community.

You can try this model with your team for free by signing up for Neatro. No credit card is required. Note that participants do not need to create accounts to join a retrospective with Neatro.

Although we use the Neatro experience to show how to run this retrospective online, you can follow the guide below and apply our tips for any other tool.

Step 1: Write comments
Let people write ideas and avoid group thinking

Since you are a smart facilitator, you have chosen to start your retrospective with an Icebreaker. Plus you have done a follow-up on the action items from the last retrospective. Your team is now ready to start the most Canadian retrospective experience ever.

This first retrospective step aims to let the participants write comments and post them in the different columns of your board.

Did you know that Canadian people care about punctuality? Make sure you start a Timer. Keeping track of time is a simple but crucial tip to ensure your team will successfully run an efficient retrospective.

Each column of your board helps you organize your ideas. Even if you are the facilitator of this retrospective, you will most likely take on the participant's role as well, right? Try to be as specific as possible so that your teammates can easily understand your comments.

To provide an appropriate level of psychological security, allow participants to share comments anonymously.

At this stage, you want to avoid group thinking at all costs. People should not influence each other in the process. Make sure people cannot see what other participants are writing in this step.

Reveal all comments after everyone has finished adding comments.

👍 With Neatro – Participants will only see their own comments at this step. They also have the option of writing comments using their name or anonymously. As a Facilitator, you will be able to set a Timer visible to everybody. Also, when a participant is done writing comments, they can click on “I’m finished” to let everybody know they're ready to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Group comments
Get your board lean and well organized

This step allows you to regroup similar comments and attach/create topics.

1/ Drag and Drop Grouping

You might have a lot of comments displayed on the board at this point. Regroup similar comments to help your teammates understand the weight of each idea.

👍 With Neatro – If you find similar ideas, drag a comment on another to create a group. Click on the group to display all of the comments.

2/ Use topics to better identify your challenges

Regrouping similar comments is not enough! Adding topics will significantly help you organize your team's ideas.

"What's a topic?" you may ask. It could be anything. We usually tend to see "core team dimensions" reflected in the topics (e.g., Ownership, Value, Speed, Process, Collaboration, etc.). Still, you could create any topic that would help you efficiently manage your team's comments.

👍 With Neatro – To add a topic to any comment on Neatro, click on the "Add Topic" button. We already created 10 Neatro topics for you based on the most common team challenges, but you can also create your own topics.

Step 3: Vote
Time to prioritize items to focus on what really matters

Proceed to a vote session to narrow down the number of items you would like to discuss in the next phase.

Two rules that we heavily suggest to apply at this step:

- Make sure that nobody can see the other's votes.

- Allow each participant to spend their votes on one or multiple items.

👍 With Neatro – The number of votes can easily be changed if needed. The Facilitator needs to click on the wheel icon to update the maximum number of votes per person.

Step 4: Build your Team Action Plan
Collectively define what needs to be done to make the team grow

Discuss the most voted topics or comments with your team to create action items. Assign an owner to each action item, and provide a short and clear description so everyone can understand how to resolve their action items.

👍 With Neatro – You can play out with a collection of sorting rules and filters to better identify the comments that need to be discussed. Once you're done with the Action Plan, you can access your retrospective report.

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