The Keep Drop Start Retrospective Template

This retrospective template is great to talk about processes and habits your team would like to keep, drop or start for the next sprint.
Keep Drop Start Retrospective Illustration for Neatro
Keep Drop Start Retrospective Template in Neatro

What is the Keep Drop Start retrospective?

This retrospective's level of difficulty is easy
Difficulty Level

In a retrospective, team members are asked to:

  • Reflect on events from the past Sprint (or project),

  • Elaborate on what worked well and what didn't work so well,

  • Then build collectively an action plan to enable the team to improve rapidly.

Continuous team improvement should always be the primary concern of your retrospectives.

A simple way to get everyone involved in the retrospective game is to use the Keep Drop Start template. This technique is so intuitive that its name contains its three components - incredible, isn't it? 😆

Discuss your team's processes and habits through these three dimensions: the things you'd like to keep, the things you'd like to let go of, and the things you want to try in the next Sprint (or project).

The 3 elements of Keep Drop Start

Retrospective Column Keep in Neatro
Write something you would like to keep.
e.g., our weekly "remote cocktail" every Friday PM on Zoom.
Retrospective Column Drop in Neatro
Write something you would like to drop.
e.g., too many meetings.
Retrospective Column Start in Neatro
Write something you would like to start.
e.g., invite our Marketing director to our Sprint Reviews.

Why & when should you use the Keep Drop Start retrospective template?

Keep Drop Start is undoubtedly one of the most accessible formats to start conducting Agile retrospectives. Moreover, all of your Sprint (or project) retrospectives and event post-mortems can be done using Keep Drop Start.

We recommend considering this template if your team is still learning how to run retrospectives successfully.

Also, this technique can be a good choice if your retrospective Facilitator is new to the business.

Indeed, some teams opt for a constant rotation of the Facilitator role through their retrospectives. Suppose you are about to be a retrospective Facilitator for the first time. In that case, the simplicity of this activity will significantly help you focus on what matters most: your team.

Where can I find the Keep Drop Start retrospective?

Keep Drop Start is a straightforward retrospective idea.

You can try the Keep Drop Start model with your team for free by signing up for Neatro. No credit card is required. Note that participants do not need to create accounts to join an online retrospective in Neatro.

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