The Retro Football Club Template

A sporty retrospective template! Our team gave it all. Let's check together how our last game did go.
Football Club Retrospective Illustration for Neatro
Football Club Retrospective Template in Neatro

What is the Retrospective Football Club?

This retrospective's level of difficulty is medium
Difficulty Level

Your football team* has just finished a high-stakes game.

As usual, the collective is heading to the locker room to reflect on past events as a team.

Did we experience a legendary game? A resounding victory?

Or was it a match without much flavor?

A stinging defeat that we should forget ASAP?

Each member will deliver their match report and analysis to help the team identify their strengths and improvement areas.

All in a sporting spirit, of course.

Come on, let's replay the game together!

*football or soccer... we don't all use the same name, but we all share the same passion.

The 4 elements of Retro Football Club

Retrospective Column Bring the 3 points home! in Neatro
Bring the 3 points home!
Give both the score and a game report in 3 points (in a single comment).
e.g., a 4-3 victory — great mindset, good concentration, but a fuzzy DoD that could have been fatal.
Retrospective Column What worked well in Neatro
What worked well
Positive attitudes and facts.
e.g., Ben's technical skills allowed us to complete the development in 5 days.
Retrospective Column What put us in difficulty in Neatro
What put us in difficulty
We review the tricky sequences from the VAR truck.
e.g., we forgot to implement the tracking plan on our new homepage—an avoidable red card.
Retrospective Column On to the next game! in Neatro
On to the next game!
Your state of mind and your expectations for the next game.
e.g., sprint 24 FC looks tough, but I'm sure together we can beat it!.

Why & when should you use the Retrospective Football Club?

Perfectly designed for any Sprint Retrospective, this retrospective idea will help each member make their own analysis of the past Sprint.

Moreover, instead of simply saying whether the past Sprint was good or bad, your teammates will have to announce a score of the game that retranscripts their general point of view of the Sprint. Don't forget: the core condition for making this crucial step a success is to let everybody think on their own. No groupthink.

Having all of the members share their scores is a great way to spot how different people's perceptions and experiences from your last Sprint can be.

Also, Retro Football Club dedicates a moment to think about what comes next (in this case: your next game), which is great to up motivation levels before taking up new challenges.

Where can I find the Retro F.C. template?

The Retro Football Club retrospective idea is a homemade activity made by the Neatro team. We have designed and improved this retrospective idea with the support of the Neatro community.

You can try this model for free with your team by signing up for Neatro. No credit card is required. Note that participants do not need to create accounts to join an online retrospective in Neatro.

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