The Value Bricks Retrospective Template

Think about how to continuously deliver value while giving recognition to your colleagues.
Bricks Retrospective Illustration for Neatro
Bricks Retrospective Template in Neatro

What is the Value Bricks retrospective technique?

This retrospective's level of difficulty is easy
Difficulty Level

Through a theme we loved as a kid, the Value Bricks retrospective will help your team build an action plan to improve how you deliver value continuously.

Do you remember the countless hours you spent building complex structures one brick at a time? Thanks to this activity, we were already experimenting with the iterative approach and the increment of value!

If you are looking for an activity that will capture the nostalgia of your childhood while focusing on one of the fundamental principles of Agility (delivering value to your users), we highly recommend this template. 🧱

We also included a nice dose of recognition.

The 4 elements of the Value Bricks Retrospective

Retrospective Column Well assembled in Neatro
Well assembled
What is working as intended and we should keep using?
e.g., our pair-programming sessions are always efficient. We should do them on a regular basis.
Retrospective Column One brick at a time in Neatro
One brick at a time
How can we be better at delivering value to our users?
e.g., by using our Effort Mapping Matrix, we managed to determined which solution would have a great impact and ROI
Retrospective Column Don't step on it!  in Neatro
Don't step on it!
What could hurt the team if we don't pay attention to it?
e.g., Going fast is great. But we skipped some precious conversations with Marketing :(
Retrospective Column Heart-shaped bricks in Neatro
Heart-shaped bricks
Congratulate your colleagues for their exceptional contribution.
e.g., Thank you, Jessica. I know that you'll always be a good support when I need help with these nasty bugs

Why & when should you use the Value Bricks retrospective?

The Value Bricks retrospective helps the team ask questions about how it delivers value to users.

This is an ideal activity when you do retrospectives at the end of each sprint since it will encourage you to question how you cut out your solutions.

By using bricks, a game we've loved since childhood, this template helps the team focus on an incremental and playful approach to talking about value.

It covers practices that the team likes and wants to keep but also allows you to give recognition to your colleagues.

Where can I find the Value Bricks retrospective?

The Value Bricks activity is an original retrospective idea invented by Neatro. We combined two things that matter to us: a template to open discussions about being better at delivering value to our users and using a fun theme for this activity.

You can try this model with your team 100% free by creating an account on Neatro. No credit card is required.

Additionally, none of your team members will need to create an account to join you and participate in this online retrospective.

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