Welcome Aboard - Retrospective Template

Make your next retrospective a great opportunity to onboard a new team member.
The Welcome Aboard Retrospective
The Welcome Aboard Retrospective

What is the Welcome Aboard activity?

This retrospective's level of difficulty is easy
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So... a new member has just joined your squad, right? Congratulations!

Did you know that your team retrospective is a perfect opportunity to help the newcomer fit into the crew?

In this retrospective activity imagined by the Neatro team, your team will board its flagship and accomplish a double mission: reflect on the events of the last iteration, and facilitate the onboarding of the new crew member.

The first weeks of a recruit are critical from a team dynamics perspective. With Welcome Aboard, you maximize your chances of success while helping your team improve.

Up we go! 🚀

The 5 elements of Welcome Aboard

Meet the crew Column
Meet the crew
Introduce yourself and tell how you help the team move forward.
e.g., I'm Monica! My duty is to deliver the best customer support experience in the world.
I wish I knew Column
I wish I knew...
Share something you wish you had known on day one.
e.g., don't be late to meetings!
I'll support you Column
I'll support you
What can YOU do to help with the newcomer's onboarding?
e.g., I can give you a live demo of our Product.
Mission highlights Column
Mission highlights
What are the highlights of our last iteration?
e.g., we managed to deliver our MVP on time.
To infinity and beyond! Column
To infinity and beyond!
How could we become stronger as a team?
e.g., we'd better tackle only one story at a time.

Why & when should you use the Welcome Aboard retrospective?

This retrospective activity stands out from more traditional models.

Of course, Welcome on board was undoubtedly designed to help you conduct any recurring retrospective (like a Sprint retrospective, for example). Still, this model shines in its ability to help with the onboarding of a new team member.

This model expands your collection of retrospective templates and allows you to welcome a new teammate properly.

Here are three good reasons to use this retrospective idea:

1/ a new member has just joined your team, and you want to welcome them the right way,

2/ you want to reflect on past events of your last Sprint (or project) to learn from them and help the team improve quickly,

3/ you have understood that it is essential to vary your activities to break the retrospective routine, which is why this one-of-a-kind Neatro composition will help you make a difference!

Where can I find the Welcome Aboard retrospective?

The Welcome Aboard model is a retrospective idea imagined by the Neatro team.

We like two things in life: the conquest of space and helping teams improve continuously. Welcome Aboard is, in some way, the end product of the union of our two passions ;)

You can try this activity with your team on Neatro for free! No credit card is required.

Good to know: your team members won't need to create an account to join you and participate in this online retrospective.

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