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The Elves' Workshop - Christmas Retrospective Format

Like the Elves, learn to quickly resolve the incidents that stand in your way.
The Christmas Elves' Workshop Retrospective
The Christmas Elves' Workshop Retrospective

What is this Christmas retrospective template all about?

Christmas is coming!

The Elves are working hard to craft all the gifts ordered by millions and millions of children. However, something terrible happened this morning. The machine manufacturing the PLAYBOX 5 gaming console is now out of service. Still, children are looking forward to receiving their consoles, so we have to fix the issue very quickly!

The Elves are gathering up for a quick retrospective. Together, they discuss the issue and elaborate on how they could overcome it. Thanks to their dedication, the Elves will solve all of their challenges soon enough! 🎁

This Christmas Sprint Retrospective template is just another creation from the Neatro team. We have designed this activity to help your teammates open up and discuss their challenges, while keeping a positive and productive atmosphere.

5 core questions for a great Christmas retrospective

All-star elves Column
All-star Elves
What were the successful parts of our work?
e.g., the elves have finished producing all the wooden toys ordered by the children.
Oops, I did it again! Column
Oops, I did it again!
How, when, and where did things go wrong?
e.g., the machine producing the PLAYBOX 5 console is down. We found a candy cane in its cogs.
Lessons from the Far North Column
Lessons from the Far North
What did you learn along the way?
e.g., elves love candies, but they are so busy that they eat while working.
Getting better and better Column
Getting better and better
How can we improve as a team?
e.g., the elves could have breaks, relax, and avoid incidents.
Once an Elf, always an Elf Column
Once an Elf, always an Elf
What motivates you right now?
e.g., see the smiles of the children receiving their gifts!

Why & when should you use this Christmas retrospective idea?

Pick this Sprint retrospective format designed by Neatro to take stock of your last project, event, or Sprint (of course!).

Used as the core component of a Sprint retrospective, the Christmas Elves' Workshop will help you break the routine of your retrospectives. Sure, you could use a simple template like Start, Stop, Continue or Keep, Drop, Start. But make sure to incorporate something new into your retrospectives from time to time. Otherwise, your team is more likely to address the same old discussion topics through the same activity - over and over again.

Of course, the Christmas atmosphere and the creative nature of the Elves activity will make your retrospective more attractive. But this retrospective activity offers way more than a cozy Christmas vibe.

First, team members will recall positive moments and events that prove that several parts of their work were successful. Secondly, people will discuss challenges peacefully and pragmatically. Therefore, the participants will precisely describe the nature of the incidents or challenges they faced, before highlighting the lessons they were able to draw from them.

Since the purpose of a retrospective is to reinforce the culture of continuous improvement of a team (or even of an entire organization), the team members will suggest experiments to help the squad improve.

Finally, everyone will be able to share particular messages with the team members - a perfect opportunity to praise the attitude of somebody or to thank someone!

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