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Make your retrospectives more effective and enjoyable with Neatro.
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No more hours spent searching for the perfect activity - we have it!
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We provide all the tools you need to create memorable retrospectives.
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Where modern teams grow

Neatro is the online Agile retrospective platform designed to help teams improve continuously.
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40,000+ users trust Neatro worldwide
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A collaborative & intuitive experience

We’ve spent 3 years crafting the most productive, inclusive and enjoyable retrospective experience. With Neatro, foster psychological safety and cultivate continuous improvement.
Explore our Retrospective Experience
Neatro's Sprint Retrospective Experience
Focus on your retrospective
Keep a strong focus
The Neatro framework delivers four core retrospective steps that are proven to bring a high level of collaboration and trust to the team.
Foster psychological safety
Make everyone feel safe
Neatro prevents groupthink and enables anonymity to create a safe space for your team.
Super quick onboarding
Quickly onboard participants
Neatro is super easy to use. Participants don't even need to create a Neatro account to join your retrospectives.

Enjoy 30+ great retrospective templates

Neatro gathers the most popular retrospective ideas in the Agile universe.​ And creative activities you've never seen before, too.
Check our Retrospective Templates
From Canada With Love Sprint Retrospective Template
From Canada, with Love
Have a nice trip to Canada through this meaningful retrospective idea.
The 4Ls Sprint Retrospective Template
The 4Ls
Dig into both the positive and negative aspects of your last initiative.
Retro Football Club Sprint Retrospective Template
Retro Football Club
The number one activity for football - or soccer - fans.
Keep Drop Start Sprint Retrospective Template
Keep Drop Start
An intuitive approach to conducting a compelling retrospective.
The Raid Boss Sprint Retrospective Template
The Raid Boss
Your Sprint has turned into an epic quest! As a team, face the Raid Boss!
Rock Band Sprint Retrospective Template
The Rock Band
Your concert at the famous Sprint Festival is over! It's debriefing time.
Value Bricks Sprint Retrospective Template
Value Bricks
All together, discuss the way your team delivers value.
Your team deserves the best Agile retrospective experience
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Modern teams love Neatro
Having many templates ready and easily usable by all team members is really useful. Neatro helps us assess our pain points and solve them as a team.
Frederico Oliveira from L'Oreal
Frederico Oliveira
Program Manager
I love how clean it looks and how easy it is to use. Premade templates for retros is a huge plus. It also allows the individual contributors to interact in the Retrospective in real-time.
Shannon Henstorf from Global Payments Integrated
Shannon Henstorf
Scrum Master
We use Neatro for our team and we love it! Cheerful, pleasant UI. Creative templates that we can pick depending on how we want to steer the discussion. Great communication with Neatro team. Competitive pricing!
Simon Beaulieu from Pleo
Simon Beaulieu
Senior Software Engineer
Online Retrospective Action Plan
Measure your team's health with the radar
Gain insights on your retrospectives' data with our Analytics feature

Why choose Neatro?

Retrospective Tools
Virtual Whiteboards
Project Management Tools
Facilitate team retrospectives
With Neatro, launch an unlimited number of retrospectives with as many participants as you wish.
Get a wide collection of retro ideas
30+ ready-to-use templates await you on Neatro, including many unique activities. You can also create your own formats.
Break the ice with playful Icebreakers
Our Question Game will help you break the ice through over 200 creative, fun, and warmhearted questions.
Maximize focus in your retrospectives
The 4-step Neatro framework gives you great peace of mind and maximizes the effectiveness of your retrospective sessions.
Guarantee the highest levels of psychological safety
By avoiding groupthink and allowing anonymity, Neatro helps you raise your team's psychological safety levels.
Build 'SMART' action plans
Neatro assists you in creating crystal-clear and highly engaging action plans.
Assess the effectiveness of your meetings
At the end of each retrospective session, Neatro prompts a survey to gauge each participant's return on time invested.
Follow up on action plans completion
Track your action items through a dedicated Kanban board. Export them to your favorite tool. Get a reminder of your last retrospective's actions.
Check the pulse of your team
With our Radars, your team members take stock of the strengths and weaknesses of the group through several key dimensions.
Measure your team's progress
The Neatro Analytics section turns your retrospective data into actionable insights to help you measure your team's progress in the long run.

Integrate with your daily workflow

Never lose sight of your action items! Export your action items to your favorite project management tools. Available integrations:
Atlassian Jira's Cloud IntegrationJira Cloud
Azure DevOps's IntegrationAzure DevOps
GitHub's Neatro IntegrationGitHub
Asana IntegrationAsana
iceScrum IntegrationiceScrum
Your team deserves the best Agile retrospective experience
Start your 30-day free trial. No credit card required.